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Vivomicx: Better Drugs Faster

It is crucial to match the pharmacological effects of a new drug to the target cells in a tissue, however this is seldom accomplished at a cellular level. To assess the true effects of a drug is of particular importance if the target cells are underrepresented in an organ/tumor to be analysed. Vivomicx is able to tell you what the effects of a (new) drug are on the gene expression profiles of subsets of cells in the organ where the disease is located. These subset cells may either be the target cells for desired effects of the drug or the non-target cells to study bystander effects of undesired toxicity, thus better supporting your compounds go-no-go decisions.

Biomarker Identification

We identify real biomarkers for drug efficacy to speed up your development process. Using this, you can relate true molecular effects to disease activity and the value of your biomarkers


We can validate for you

  • the pharmacological identity of your NME in complex tissues in vivo, before your drug enters clinical testing
  • the expression of your new putative targets in patient materials
  • your biomarkers, identified in vitro or in vivo.

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Vivomicx for:

  • molecular pharmacology of a NME in tissue compartments
  • discovery of biomarkers that reflect the activity of your NME in tissue samples of pre-clinical & clinical studies
  • target validation in complex tissue samples the real molecular effects of your NME in vivo