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The Vivomicx history

In 2006, the initiative was born to found a company aimed at making the process of drug discovery more efficient. In 2006 and 2007 the initiative was tested and a grant from the Dutch government (STW, foundation for Technology & Science) was obtained to perform a feasibility study.

In July 2008 a follow - up project was granted that enables the execution of a proof of concept study in order to further expand application of the Vivomicx technology.

The proof of concept study of the follow-up grant from STW is supported by two reputable companies who would like their clinical compound tested according to the Vivomicx method to get additional information regarding the pharmacological behaviour of the compounds that are in the clinical test phase.

In October 2006, the commercial entity Vivomicx was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen. In the beginning of 2008, the predecessor of Vivomicx, the laboratory of Endothelial Biomedicine & Vascular Drug Targeting Research at the University Medical Center of Groningen (UMCG) received a request from Genmab to carry out a target validation study on human tumor material. The results of that target validation study have been provided to Genmab after which we received back a reaction that expressed great customer satisfaction.

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