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Vera Salus Ricerca and Vivomicx announce collaboration

Vera Salus S.R.L. and Vivomicx BV signed a strategic Collaboration Agreement. The partnership intends to provide a complete, world-class solution for novel drug discovery and development.

Siracusa/Sicily, Italy and Groningen, The Netherlands (October 2017)

Vera Salus Ricerca Srl and Vivomicx BV today announce their collaboration to make the trajectory of preclinical drug discovery & development more efficient by providing more in-depth information from preclinical tissue samples. The collaboration covers joint marketing and joint execution of preclinical testing, combining the expertise of both companies.

Vera Salus Ricerca is a biotech discovery company specialized in the design, planning and execution of in vitro and in vivo testing to support the preclinical development of drugs and companion diagnostics. Outstanding in house expertise and state-of-the-art protocols are leveraged to facilitate all clients’ needs in drug discovery, molecular pharmacology, signalling pathway elucidation and precision therapeutics.


Vivomicx is a biotech company from the Netherlands specialized in biomarker validation and innovative (pre)clinical analytical techniques for new medicine development for the pharmaceutical industry. Vivomicx has developed validated protocols to analyze preclinical or clinical tissue samples using Laser Dissection Microscopy in combination with Quantitative RT-PCR analysis. This allows the in-depth analysis of gene activity in subsets of cells in the complexity of the in vivo tissue. Using this technology we can assess gene expression profiles and therefore the molecular identity of cells; e.g. is your target molecule expressed in the cells of interest in diseased tissue? On top of that we can determine the true effects of a drug on mRNA expression levels in the cells of interest; e.g. what is the effect of your drug in terms of target inhibition and/or downstream effector modulation.

For more information contact:


Jan Zuidema

CBO & Co-founder Vivomicx

Tel. +31621124552


Giovanni Mario Pitari, M.D., Ph.D.

R&D Director, Founder

Tel. +393342200240

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