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Vivomicx is actively looking for R&D, Technology & Marketing partners.

We gladly collaborate to expand the application area of our technology beyond kidney related diseases, angiogenesis and oncology, to cover other disease areas like i.e. cardiovascular disease and CNS.

We are also interested in co-development partners with relevant expertise to assist us in developing our technology further as a system to be integrated as a screening mechanism in the process of drug discovery & drug development.

Last but not least we like to be in contact with partners that can help us to expand our reach towards potential customers. Companies that see the added value of offering the Vivomicx deep tissue analysis to their customer base.


For more information or partnership offers:

Current collaboration MTT Labs

Vivomicx & MTT Labs collaborate to make the trajectory of preclinical drug discovery & development more efficient

MTTlab Srl and Vivomicx BV have come together to make the trajectory of preclinical drug discovery & development more efficient by providing more in-depth information from the preclinical tissue samples. The collaboration covers joint marketing and joint execution of preclinical testing combining the expertise of both companies.


MTTlab delivers both in vitro and in vivo data sets for the preclinical evaluation of an investigational compound which can be used for regulatory submissions, project evaluation, scientific publications and fundraising. MTTlab provides support for our clients’ studies or projects from the earliest stages and assists with both scientific and regulatory challenges to obtain valid results within requested deadlines.


Vivomicx has developed validated protocols to analyze preclinical or clinical tissue samples using Laser Dissection Microscopy in combination with Quantitative RT-PCR analysis. This allows the in-depth analysis of gene activity in subsets of cells in the complexity of the in vivo tissue. Using this technology we can assess gene expression profiles and therefore the molecular identity of cells; e.g. is your target molecule expressed in the cells of interest in diseased tissue? On top of that we can determine the true effects of a drug on mRNA expression levels in the cells of interest; e.g. what is the effect of your drug in terms of target inhibition and/or downstream effector modulation.

Current collaboration Synvolux

Vivomicx is collaborating in the field of targeted siRNA delivery with Synvolux.

Vivomicx technology analyses in vivo local knock down of genes that is created by selective delivery of siRNA into target (endothelial) cells, and hence assists in showing proof delivery success. Furthermore, it provides clues for downstream consequences of gene knock out in the complex in vivo environment.

More information about the research in this particular collaboration can be found in: Kowalski PS, Zwiers PJ, Morselt HWM, Kuldo JM, Leus NGJ, Ruiters MHJ, Molema G, Kamps JAAM (2014). Anti-VCAM-1 SAINT-O-Somes enable endothelial-specific delivery of siRNA and downregulation of inflammatory genes in activated endothelium in vivo. Journal of Controlled Release; 176: 64 - 75.

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