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25-06-2019 Vivomicx participates in research into AKI & Sepsis

Vivomicx participates in groundbreaking research into the underlying molecular mechanisms of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) & Sepsis with University Medical...

18-01-2019 Vivomicx newsletter January 2019

More news about the Vivomicx technology & collaborations. Featuring the Triple T project & Hello Tomorrow

18-02-2018 Newsletter feb2018. Revolutionary RNA expression analysis

TAmiRNA and Vivomicx have combined their technologies to enable cell-type specific RNA expression analysis in complex tissues. This method will provide:...

23-01-2018 TAmiRNA & Vivomicx combine technologies to generate new RNA expression analysis

TAmiRNA & Vivomicx have combined their technologies of laser microdissection and high sensitivity qPCR, which enables the quantitative analysis of cell-type...

11-09-2015 Vivomicx initiated the Triple T project: a step closer to realizing personalized lung cancer treatment

A Dutch–German public-private consortium of PamGene, GenXpro and the University Medical Center Groningen have been awarded a research grant from the EU...

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