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The services of Vivomicx

To allow you to make better drugs faster all we need is pre-clinical or clinical, snap frozen tissues, provided by the customer.

In a step-by-step approach, we:

  • check biomolecule integrity in the samples
  • determine the histological quality of the samples
  • analyse gene expression profiles in tissue compartments chosen by the customer.

Depending on your interest, we can help you in choosing proper reference genes for the cells under study, and where preferred, genes can be analyse in a blinded fashion.

Molecular pharmacology of your drug in tissue compartments

Drugs in the development pipeline can exert different effects on different cells in complex tissues. If you want to know which cellular response is related to successful intervention that leads to improved disease status, we can provide you with the answer.

All you have to do is send us snap-frozen tissue samples from your own animal models or clinical studies, without the need to exchange information on the nature or identity of the drug.

We will provide you insight into the mechanism of action of your new medicine at a cellular level.

Identification and validation of molecular targets

Example 1: you identified molecules that are overexpressed in your cell culture systems when exposed to disease stimuli.

We can determine in animal tissue and in patient tissues their expression levels in cell types of interest. Within a restricted time frame you will know whether your target is a target with clinical opportunities that justifies follow up.

Example 2: you identified the existence of a gene that is essential for the efficacy of your new drug.

We can determine in series of patient biopsies, provided by the customer, the gene expression levels in predestined cells or tissue compartments.

The result is a well defined target for new medicine development.

Biomarker identification and validation

Surrogate biomarkers represent a threat to successful drug development. If you want to know what the effect is of your drug on the diseased cells as a basis for relevant biomarker development, our services can help you out. 

We determine gene expression profiles in compartments of tissues from healthy, diseased and treated conditions, based on which you can make a rational choice which biomarkers to use for drug efficacy determination.

We find and/or validate your biomarker!


What do our customers say about us?

"With the Vivomicx services we were able to match the effects of our new drug to the target cells in the tissue of interest. This was a crucial step in order to assess Proof of Concept of our approach.  Also, the Vivomicx results have shown us the choice to make. This has put us on the right track towards future clinical studies, thus avoiding costly mistakes".

- Senior Scientist of a European gene silencing company 
Vivomicx: Better drugs faster